A Note to Mentors of Future Ministers

Our diocesan leaders, campus ministry directors, and others who mentor tomorrow’s Catholic ministers know that professional ministry in the Church is expanding and developing in exciting ways. The mission of the Church depends upon the generosity and skill of these men and women.

We at Notre Dame’s MDiv Program share the determination of our shepherds, pastors, and activists in Christian service to offer these future ministers a solid preparation.

Our program combines the finest possible theological education, pastoral training, and spiritual formation. The special environment of the University of Notre Dame, richly diverse yet firmly Catholic, gives many students an extraordinary sense of community and love of God’s kingdom that energizes them for their entire career in ministry.

Our faculty, facilities, and resources are unequaled. Our graduates, lay and ordained, serve with competence and enthusiasm in a wide variety of settings—parishes, schools, hospitals, campus ministries, youth work, and more.

Please bring our program to the attention of generous and committed people considering a future in ministry in the Catholic Church. Among the features they will want to consider are these:

We welcome the opportunity to speak or correspond with each student personally about our program.

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