Formation for Ministry












The Church has always required proper preparation of those who exercise a ministry.  Both candidates for lay ecclesial ministry and ordained ministry need and deserve formation of high standards, effective methods, and comprehensive goals.  Effective formation methods address the whole person: emotions, imagination, will, heart, and mind.  It is the whole person who ministers, so the whole person is the proper subject of formation.

Lay Formation Community

Human and Spiritual Formation for the lay community in the MDiv Program at the University of Notre Dame is based on the elements and goals for formation found in Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord (USCCB, 2005).

Structurally, lay human and spiritual formation centers around weekly community formation nights, one-on-one formation meetings with the Director of Human and Spiritual Formation, regular spiritual direction, and a series of retreats and days of reflection.  Candidates are also invited to select from an array of fine arts-based formation options to tailor and supplement their formation in any given year.

All formation in the program happens in the context of our collaborative and intentional faith community.


"Having a lay ministry formation program really aids in integrating my personal life with everything I learn and experience within and outside of the program.  It also speaks to the importance the program puts on prayer, personal relationships, and moral and spiritual growth."
-Matt Flynn '14

“I think the strongest aspect of Notre Dame’s MDiv program is the community formation and support provided through prayer, common worship, scholarly endeavors, and ministry placements that challenges people to grow up and grow deeper as students and ministers. 
-Elizabeth Moriarty '07

Ordained Ministry Formation

The MDiv program assists the Congregation of Holy Cross in the preparation of their men for ordained ministry in the Church by providing a four-year program of intellectual and pastoral formation that complements the human and spiritual formation they receive at Moreau Seminary.  While the two formation programs (lay and ordained) remain focused on different ends, many formative experiences in the MDiv Program are shared by the entire student community in keeping with a collaborative model of church leadership that embraces both ordained ministry and lay ecclesial ministry and recognizes the gifts each bring to the Church.


If you have questions about our MDiv Program, please contact the Administrative Assistant for MDiv Program at 574-631-4256.