Field Education


Field education serves as an integral complement to the theological and pastoral education of ministry students, as well as to their spiritual formation and vocational preparation.  In concert with these other dimensions of the Master of Divinity Program at the University of Notre Dame, field education provides those preparing for ecclesial ministry opportunities for the appropriation of ministerial skills, for the integration of theological studies and ministerial experience through theological reflection, and for the continued development of their ministerial identities. To make such opportunities possible, field education consists of the following components:

  • weekly service at a ministerial site over the course of an academic year (6 to 8 hours per week, including preparation, travel, and supervision);
  • weekly seminars utilizing case study method and facilitated conversation about contemporary theological and ministerial topics;
  • regular individual supervision with an approved and experienced authority at the ministry placement site (at least 30 minutes per week, or 60 minutes every two weeks).

"When I noticed that Notre Dame was the only Master of Divinity Program that offered three years of internship experience, on top of spiritual development in community, strong academics, and personal formation, I was sold.  Three years after entering the program, I can say for sure that the internship experiences opened up for me some of the most formative moments of my life.  I have been challenged to love people more deeply through listening, clear articulation of my faith, and just being present.  God made me the minister I am through the field education opportunities offered by this program."
-Becky Guhin, '12

"Field education has been helpful in learning about my own interests in ministry as well as developing into a person who is better able to be a minister.  The field education classes provide an important and helpful space for me to integrate what I am learning with what I am doing and to learn from my classmates and professors who are doing similar things."
-Matt Flynn '14

"The Common Good Initiative took 14 students from a variety of graduate programs to Haiti for a week this summer. We explored the Haitian culture by meeting local Haitian groups, talking with mission groups, NGOs, and health care providers.  Throughout the week we emphasized learning, especially from the locals, in order to understand the situation before blindly jumping in to help.  Spending the week with graduate students from a variety of other programs challenged me to take a different perspective and talking to some of the Haitian groups helped me to see principles of Catholic Social Teaching in action.  Even though Haiti is full of harsh realities the Haitian people remain hopeful and resilient.  My short trip to Haiti has sparked new questions and challenged me to go deeper in both my studies and personal spiritual journey."
- Mary Beth Ashley '14


If you have questions about our MDiv program, please contact the Administrative Coordinator for MDiv Program at 574-631-4256.