Application and Admissions


Those interested in pursuing an MDiv degree for a career in lay ecclesial ministry are asked to follow the process outlined below. Applicants are admitted to the MDiv Program according to the norms and procedures of the University's Graduate School. Continuance in the program is based on the student’s cumulative grade point average, performance in field education and skills courses, the annual academic review by the theology faculty and the Graduate Schools regulations.


Pre-Application for Admission

Prospective students are requested to fill out a pre-application form directly with the MDiv Program. The pre-application form allows students to share their academic background with our program director. Official applications to the program should be made through the Graduate School using their online application.

Applicants invited to interview will be asked to campus in February 2018.


  1. Be a practicing Catholic in good standing
  2. Completion of a bachelor’s degree
  3. Evidence of a capacity for independent study and scholarship. Such evidence is offered by:
    1. GPA
    2. transcripts of study for the bachelor's degree and any graduate work
    3. GRE scores (at least 153-Verbal, 144-Quantitative, and 4.5-Analytical Writing)
    4. 3 recommendations from instructors
  4. 12 credit hours in theology or religious studies and 8 philosophy credits are strongly recommended
  5. 1 recommendation supporting the applicant’s ability for ministerial leadership
  6. Significant service experience, preferably in ministry in the Catholic Church
  7. An autobiographical statement based on the following outline, autobiographical statement
  8. A copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae/resume
  9. A Statement of Intent stating one’s ministerial goals and how the MDiv program will help to meet them


If you have questions about our MDiv Program, please contact the Administrative Coordinator for MDiv Program at 574-631-4256.