Fall 2016 Online Course

Fall 2016 -- Online Course

THEO 64109: Intro to Judaism - Michael Novick

Course Description:

This course surveys the major practices and beliefs of Judaism. Our focus is on Judaism as a religious tradition, one that links its adherents across time even as it changes in response to new circumstances. We begin by examining the foundational religious categories that crystallized in antiquity, such as the commandments and Torah study. We then turn to transformative developments in later periods, among them the flourishing of philosophy and mysticism in medieval Judaism, religious reform movements in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Holocaust, and Zionism. 

Associated Term: Fall Semester 2016 
Campus: Online Learning 
Credits: 3 
Grade Mode: Standard Letter 
Course may not be repeated 

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Employee Non-Degree (EM) ,  Graduate Architecture (GA) ,  Graduate Non-Degree (GD) ,  Graduate (GR) 
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Distributed Education (DE) ,  Main (M) ,  Online Learning (OL) 

Course Attributes: 
OLF-Fully Online (100 percent) ,  ZOOL - Online Learning