Spring 2016 Online Course

Spring 2016 -- Online Course

THEO 64408: Sacraments - David Fagerberg

Course Description:

Lumen Gentium says that in the Church "the life of Christ is poured into the believers who, through the sacraments, are united in a hidden and real way to Christ who suffered and was glorified." This course will look at the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church as the means whereby Christians are mystically united to the life of Christ. We will consider questions concerning the development of each rite, but the main focus of attention is on the theological dimensions of each sacrament. We will begin with a liturgical theology of sacraments; we will next look at each of the seven sacraments individually; and we will look at the patristic and scholastic theologies by considering biblical typology and scholastic vocabulary. We end with a view from the Orthodox east. This is a totally on-line course. You should have good network connection, be comfortable uploading/downloading files, and watching videos online. We will follow a cycle of video lecture, reading, and writing (occasionally a group forum). It will cover the same amount of material as if you were on campus, so deadlines will be required weekly so no one falls behind.

Associated Term: Spring Semester 2016 
Campus: Distributed Education 
Credits: 3 
Grade Mode: Standard Letter 
Course may not be repeated 

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Graduate Non-Degree (GD) ,  Graduate (GR) 
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