Current Jerusalem

Summer 2014 — Tantur, Israel
Jerusalem, the Desert, and Galilee
A Theological Study Tour through the geography of Salvation

THEO 64208-01, May 29, 2014 - June 12, 2014
3 credits, Virgilio Elizondo holyland_syllabus.pdf, tantur_2014_course_schedule.pdf
This two-week course through the land of Jesus will seek to explore the theological themes of the gospel narratives informed by the socio-cultural and historical perspectives.
The journey through the land organized the theology, which is a reflection of the deeper meaning of the journey. In keeping with the tradition of the earliest followers of Jesus and the subsequent generations of Christians, by returning to the places of origins, we will seek a better understanding of the foundational words, persons, events, and places mentioned in the gospels so as to probe their redemptive value for us today.
The course will consist of readings, lectures, guided visits, theological reflection and written papers or video projects.  The bulk of the course will take place in Tantur and its surroundings
(Jerusalem, Bethlehem, etc.) with a three-day intensive trip into Galilee.