Off-Site Courses

Engage in courses away from Notre Dame's main campus:

Auditing a course is not permitted during the summer sessions. Those students who take courses in Tucson, AZ or Israel at the Tantur Institute and would like to audit those courses must receive specific permission from the course instructor and will be subject to paying the full tuition amount rather than the reduced summer rates. The University does not allow for exceptions to this situation.

Courses in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Aug. 28 - 29; Oct. 2 - 3; Nov. 6 - 7
Theo 64213 :"The Christian Theological Tradition"

Catherine Cavadini

Course Description:  This course offers a survey of Christian theology from the end of the New Testament to the eve of the Reformation (well, almost). Taking the theological idea of "Mystery" as our theme, we will acquaint ourselves with theologians or theological developments of major significance in the period covered by the survey. Thus, students will be invited to think about the character and nature of the theological task while investigating major issues, challenges, and questions at the intersection of faith and reason.

Location: This course will be at Marian High School on three weekends: August 28-29; Oct. 2-3; Nov. 6-7.

Courses in Tucson, Ariz.


Dec. 27, 2015 - Jan. 7, 2016
Ignatian Spirituality

Matt Ashley

Location: Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson, Arizona:

All are welcome to attend this course as degree seeking or non-degree seeking students. Students are responsible for paying & arranging travel.  For further information please call Hermalena Powell, Administrative Assistant for M.A Program at 574-631-4256.

Courses in Israel

The Tantur courses are run on an every-other-year rotation. The next course in the Holy Land will be May 29 - June 7 of 2016.