Maxwell Johnson Syllabus

Department of Theology University of Notre Dame

Summer, 2013 MTWRF: 3:15-3:55

Malloy 220


Maxwell E. Johnson


Course Description:

Survey of liturgical history and sources with regard to both Eastern and Western rites. Fundamental liturgical sources including basic homiletic and catechetical documents of the patristic period. Basic introduction to the methodology of liturgical study.


For students pursuing the M.A. and or MTS in Liturgical Studies and others, the goals of this foundational course are:

1. the attaining of an overall knowledge of the sources for and shifts within the wide

spectrum of Eastern and Western liturgical history; and

2. the attaining of the necessary methodological and research skills for: further study and research in other courses concerned with specific rites and/or liturgical topics in detail.

Class Requirements and Format:

Lecture by instructor, one short exercise on the Missale Romanum Tridentinum due Nov. 5, one major paper (15- 20 pages) on a liturgical source from the patristic or medieval period (due Dec. 5), and two take-home examinations (due October 3 and November 26).


Grades will be determined on the basis of "full, active, and conscious participation" and student papers/exams.

NOTE: The grade A is reserved for what is considered to be exceptional work on the graduate level; a B+ means that work is at a level of solid and high quality, a level above what is necessary to successfully complete the requirements for the course; a B is good solid work, the average and minimum required (and expected) for the successful completion of a graduate-level course; a C+ is a passing grade for graduate level study meaning that an assignment was completed but in need of improvement and/or further development or clarification; and a C, although a passing grade, indicates some serious problems.

Required Books

J. Baldovin, Reforming the Liturgy: A Response to Critics (RLRC)

P. Bradshaw, The Search for the Origins of Christian Worship (SEARCH)

M. Johnson, Sacraments and Worship (SW)

E. Palazzo, A History of Liturgical Books (Liturgical Press)

R. Taft, The Byzantine Rite: A Short History (Liturgical Press) - BR

J. White, Protestant Worship (Westminster/John Knox) – PW Highly Recommended

Peter Jeffrey, Translating Tradition: A Chant Historian Reads Liturgiam Authenticam

(TT) On Reserve (All required and recommended books and) WCC, Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (BEM).

Geoffrey Wainwright and Karen Westefield-Tucker, The Oxford History of Christian

Worship (OHCW)

K. Hughes, A Monk’s Tale

R. Taft, Beyond East and West: Problems in Liturgical Understanding (Rome:

Pontifical Oriental Institute, SECOND EDITION)

NOTE: Articles and chapters listed below within the assigned readings are supposed to be on electronic reserves. If not there they are also under regular reserve in the library.

To access these readings electronically go to:

The course can also be accessed by going to the University Libraries website at

<> and clicking on the Electronic Reserves link located under LibraryServices:


Key: R = Required Reading; S = Suggested or Supplemental Reading


W, August 22

Lectio brevis : The Scope of the Course

Reading: R - R. Taft, Beyond East and West (BEW) : Intro., Forward, and ch. 1:“Toward

a Theology of the Christian Feast” (on reserve); R. Taft, Beyond East and West : ch. 15:

“Response to the Berakah Award” (on reserve); Palazzo, History of Liturgical Books, 1 19.

M, August 27

Methodological Introduction to Historical Liturgical Study

Reading for August 29: R – SEARCH, pp. 1-20; A. Baumstark, Comparative Liturgy, chapters 1-2 (handout); R. Taft, Beyond East and West ch. 10: “The Structural Analysis of Liturgical Units: An Essay in Methodology,” (on reserve).

W, August 29

Principles for Reading and Interpreting Ancient Liturgical Sources

Reading for September 3: R – SEARCH, pp. 21-46; PEER, pp. 1-12; SpL, pp. 3-19

M, September 3 Jewish Liturgy and Sources

Reading for September 5: SW, 178-9, SEARCH, pp. 47-72; D. Aune, "Worship, Early

Christian" in The Anchor Bible Dictionary, vol. 6 (New York: Doubleday, 1992), pp. 973-989 – on reserve; S - OHCW, pp. 1-31

W, September 5

Worship in the New Testament Reading: R for entire Early Churches Unit – SEARCH, pp. 73-231; SW, 105-6, 180-

2, 253-4, 271-2, 286, 292, 313-15, 344-5, 371-4; S - OHCW, pp. 32-130;


A. The Pre-Nicene Period

Liturgy in the Pre-Nicene Period: An Overview

Reading for September 8: R – SW (all pre-Nicene materials); SEARCH, 73-231, focusing on pre-Nicene materials; S - OHCW, pp. 32-75

M, September 10

Pre-Nicene Liturgical Sources I: The Didache and the Apologies of Justin Martyr

Reading for September 12: Same as for September 10.

W, September 12:

Pre-Nicene Liturgical Sources II: Didascalia Apostolorum and the so-called Apostolic Tradition

Reading for September 15: R for Nicene and post-Nicene period – SW (all Nicene and post-Nicene materials); SEARCH pp. 73-231, focusing on Nicene and post-Nicene materials; S - OHCW, 77-130;

B. The Nicene and Post-Nicene Period

M, September 17:

Liturgy in the Nicene and Post-Nicene Period: An Overview

Reading for September 19: Review SEARCH, 73-97

W, September 19

Nicene and Post-Nicene Sources I: Church Orders: Apostolic Constitutions, 7-8

M, September 24

Nicene and Post-Nicene Sources II: Cyril of Jerusalem's Catecheses and The

Pilgrimage Diary of Egeria

W, September 26:

Nicene and Post-Nicene Sources III: The Sacramentary of Sarapion of Thmuis and

Ambrose of Milan

Take-Home Exam 1 Distributed


Reading for Medieval Period: R – SW (all medieval and Eastern materials; also pp. 5 12, 51-6), BR; E. Bishop, "The Genius of the Roman Rite," in Liturgica historica (on reserve); Palazzo, History of Liturgical Books; R. Taft, BEW, ch. 11: “How Liturgies Grow,” (on reserve); S - OHCC, 131-306.

M, October 1:

Liturgies in the Medieval Churches of East and West: An Overview; Classification of Rites in East and West: The Byzantine Liturgy Medieval Western Liturgical Sources I: Non-Roman Western Sacramentaries - Gallican, Celtic, Mozarabic*

Reading for October 3: R – Palazzo, 19-62; 111-186; S – OHCW, 175-253

W, October 3:

Medieval Western Liturgical Sources II: Roman Sacramentaries and Ordines Romani

Take-Home Exam 1 due!

M, October 8:

Medieval Western Liturgical Sources III: Breviarium; Pontificale, Lectionaries,




Reading for Reformation and Counter Reformation: R White, Protestant Worship, SW (all Reformation materials) – S - OHCW, 307-533

Special Assignment for M, NOV 5: Missale Romanum Tridentinum . Check out a copy of an altar edition of the Tridentine Missale Romanum from the Library, browse through it carefully noting how its contents are organized, and prepare a brief (3 page) outline of it to be turned in on Nov. 4.

W, October 10

Liturgy in the Churches of the Protestant Reformation: An Overview

Reading for October 22: R - PW, pp. 35-78.


M, October 22

Reformation Liturgical Sources I: Lutheran and Reformed

Reading for October 24: PW, 94-117, 150-171

W, October 24

Reformation Liturgical Sources II: Anglican and Methodist

Reading for October 29: PW, 117-149, 172-208

M, October 29

Reformation Liturgical Sources III: Free Church Traditions

W, October 31:

Reformation Liturgical Sources IV: The Council of Trent and the Tridentine Books

Take-Home Exam 2 Distributed

M, November 5:

The Missal of Pius V (including video presentation) Missale Romanum Tridentinum Outline is due!


Reading for Modern Period: R – SW (all contemporary materials), RLRC, Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (available on line); S -TT; OHCW, 586- 754; K. Hughes, A Monk’s Tale

W, November 7

From Trent to Vatican II

M, November 12:

Modern Liturgies and the Contemporary Roman Liturgical Reform/Books

W, November 14:

Liturgical Reform/Books in Other Modern Churches: Lutheran, Anglican, Reformed, Methodist/ Ecumenical Liturgical/Sacramental Convergence (Baptism,

Eucharist, and Ministry)

Reading for November 17; S- TT

M, November 19

Issues of Inculturation I -

W, November 21 – Sunday, November 25 -THANKSGIVING BREAK

M, November 26:

Issues of Inculturation II – The Dancing Church



Reading for December 3: R – Johnson, “The Loss of a Common Language,” (supplied), RLRC; S –TT

M, December 3

Issues of Inculturation III – Translation

“Reform of the Reform?”

Reading for December 5: R – R – Johnson, “Can We Avoid Relativism in Worship?”

M. Aune, “Liturgy and Theology: Rethinking the Relationship; Parts 1 and 2,” (distributed)

W, December 5: Liturgical Theology in the light of Liturgical History






A. Adam, Foundations of Liturgy: An Introduction to Its History and Practice.

Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, Pueblo 1992.

T. Klauser, A Short History of the Western Liturgy  London 1969.

F. Senn, Christian Liturgy: Catholic and Evangelical . Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 1997.

C. Jones, G. Wainwright, E. Yarnold, and P Bradshaw (eds.), The Study of Liturgy .

Rev. Edition. London/New York: Oxford 1992. (Good bibliographies at the

beginning of each section)

A.G. Martimort, et. al. (eds.), The Church at Prayer . 4 vols. Collegeville: The Liturgical Press 1986. (Good bibliographies at the beginning of each section with numerous important French works)

R. Taft, Beyond East and West: Problems in Liturgical Understanding.

Washington, D.C.: The Pastoral Press 1984. Revised Ed. Rome: Pontifical

Oriental Institute 1997.

B. Thompson, A Bibliography of Christian Worship . Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press 1988. (Megabibliography worth owning but price is prohibitive, around $100)

J. White, A Brief History of Christian Worship. Nashville: Abingdon 1993.

J. White, Documents of Christian Worship. Louisville: Westminster/John Knox 1992.

H. Wegman, Christian Worship in East and West: A Study Guide to Liturgical History. Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, Pueblo 1985.


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Y. Brillioth, Eucharistic Faith and Practice: Evangelical and Catholic London 1930.

G. Dix, The Shape of the Liturgy . London 1945. (No book has been more influential on

modern liturgical revision).

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All of the following are from Grove Books, Ltd., Cambridge, England.

Key: AGLS = Alcuin/GROW Liturgical Study; GLS = Grove Liturgical Studies; JLS =

Joint Liturgical Studies

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Cesare Alzati, Ambrosianum Mysterium vol. 2, 2000 = JLS 47-8

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