Annual Graduate Theology Conference

grad_con_1Conference Presenter Finney Premkumar of Azuza Pacific University and Keynote Speaker Dominga Sic Ruiz

Annual Notre Dame Graduate Theology Conference

2014: The Mission of Academics in the Context of Suffering:
Co-hosted by the Common Good Initiative
Keynote Speakers: Dominga Sic Ruiz and Professor Todd Whitmore (video footage from Prof. Whitmore's talk here).
During the summer of 2013, a group of Notre Dame students travelled to Guatemala as part of the University’s Common Good Initiative (CGI). There they encountered a complex reality marked by a history of marginalization, armed conflict, and State-led violence against the defenseless. The students confronted not only the terrible consequences of this history of violence and human suffering, but also the persistence of hope and the quest for justice in spite of such violence and suffering. Such encounters raised pressing questions about hope and faith within the context of suffering as well as the role and responsibility of scholars in light of such atrocities. 
In response to such questions, the students from the Notre Dame theology graduate program, along with the Common Good Initiative, have organized this first annual graduate student theology conference. The conference aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue about the responsibilities of scholars in the context of diverse dimensions of human suffering, such as poverty, marginalization, racism, and political, structural, and gender-based violence. We hope to foster awareness within the ND community and in U.S. institutions of higher learning, about the contemporary challenge of human suffering and its implications for academic research. 

grad_con_2Notre Dame students, conference presenters, and guests share a meal at the Morris Inn

To these ends, conference participants will be considering the relationship between scholarship and human suffering from four angles: (1) thematic reflection on human suffering in general, (2) reflection on a contemporary issue revealing economic, political or social injustice, (3) methodological reflection on the relation between an academic discipline and such an issue, and (4) broader reflection on the vocation of the academic and academia in light of the awareness of human suffering. 
There is no registration or fee required. Coffee and snacks will be available throughout the event. We hope you can join us! 
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