Conference Schedule

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Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015
 Panel I: Beauty and Hinduism
A Whole Ocean of Beauty: Encountering a Goddess as a Catholic, Francis X. Clooney, S.J. (Harvard University)
The Mystery of the Infinite in the Hindu Spirituality of Non-Duality, Bradley Malkovsky (University of Notre Dame)
Respondents: Sucharita Adluri (Cleveland State University), Anantanand Rambachan (St. Olaf College)
Keynote Lecture, John Allen (Boston Globe)
Friday, Sept. 11, 2015
Panel II: Beauty and Buddhism
The Splendor (Zhuangyan) of Awakening:  A Buddhist Analogue to the Christian Vision of Gloria Dei, Robert Gimello (University of Notre Dame)
Finding Beauty in the Other: Tathāgatagarbha and Imago Dei, Donald Mitchell (Purdue University)
Respondents: Robert Trent Pomplun (Loyola University Maryland), Gene Reeves (Risshō Kōsei-kai)
Panel IIIa: Muslim-Christian Conversations on Finding Beauty in the Other
Indeed, God is Beautiful and Loves Beauty, Catherine Bronson (University of Notre Dame)
'Beauty is truth, truth beauty ...' : Finding the Truth of the Cross Where its Beauty is Not Recognized, Daniel A. Madigan, S.J. (Georgetown University)
Vengeance and Mercy in the Qur'an, Gabriel Said Reynolds (University of Notre Dame)
Panel IIIb: Muslim-Christian Conversations on Finding Beauty in the Other
"There is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve”: Does the Qur'an extend salvific promise to the other?, Mun'im Sirry (University of Notre Dame)
Recognizing the Divine in the Other’s Religion: Reading Verse 5:83 in Reciprocity, Nayla Tabbara (Adyan Foundation, Lebanon)
 Panel IV: Beauty and Africa
 Of Kente Cloth, Rainbow Nations and the Virtue of Pluralism: Navigating the Beauty and Dignity of Difference in Search for a Livable Future in Africa, Teresia Hinga (Santa Clara University)
The Disciplines of Goodness and the Rediscovery of Beauty in Oneself. An African Perspective, Emmanuael Katongole (University of Notre Dame)
Beauty in the Evangelization of Africa: Achievements and Challenges, Paul Kollman, C.S.C. (University of Notre Dame)
 "Agwa bu Mma": Morality and Aesthetics in an African Community, Paulinus I. Odozor (University of Notre Dame)
Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015
Panel V: Graduate Student Panel
Islamic Da'wa and Other Religions: Two Case Studies from Modern India, Matthew J. Kuiper (University of Notre Dame)
Catholic Charismatics in Uganda, Alison Fitchett Climenhaga (University of Notre Dame)
Muhammad Asad, Interpreting the Qur'an for the Modern Mind, Enno H. Dango (University of Notre Dame)
Bonaventure and Chinul: Christian and Buddhist Models for the Integration of the Intellectual and Spiritual Life, Yongho Francis Lee (University of Notre Dame)
Ornamental or Integral Beauty: Catholicity from the Interstitial Perspective, Jaisy Joseph (Boston College)
Panel VI: Beauty and Catholic Theology of Religions
Hidden Beauty and Hope: The Face of the Other, Maria Clara Bingemer (Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Tragic Beauty: The Cry of the Poor and Interfaith Aesthetics, Peter Casarella (University of Notre Dame)
Beauty and the Problem of Discernment in Catholic Theology of Religions, Catherine Comille (Boston College)
The Beauty of Love and Forgiveness? Lawrence Sullivan (Univeristy of Notre Dame, Emeritus)
 Concluding Discussion